Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors (‘the Board’) of Northern Mining Limited is responsible for the corporate governance of the Company and Consolidated Entity. The Board guides and monitors the business and affairs of the Company on behalf of the shareholders by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable.

Given the size and structure of the Company, the nature of its business activities, the stage of its development and the costs of strict and detailed compliance will all of the recommendations, it has adopted a range of modified systems, procedures and practices which it considers will enable it to meet the principles of good corporate governance.

The Company’s practices are mainly consistent with those guidelines and where they do not correlate with the recommendations in the guidelines the Company considers that its adopted practices are appropriate to it.

Please refer to the Investor Relations section under Announcements, for the latest Corporate Governance Statement that summarises the Company's compliance with the 3rd Edition ASX Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, in accordance with ASX Listing Rule 4.10.3.


Board Charter